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Revved (Revved #1)(7)
Author: Samantha Towle

“Please tell me that you’re my birthday present.”

The Irish drawl has the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.

I turn my head to find Carrick Ryan standing behind me.

Oh. Wow.

He’s definitely better looking in the flesh than on television. I knew he was attractive. But blonds aren’t usually my thing. I’m more of a dark-hair-and-dark-eyes kind of girl.

But his dirty-blond hair, blue eyes laced with sin, and full lips—the kind of lips you spend hours sucking on—and that chiseled jaw decorated with stubble…yep, it all seems to be working for me. Well, my body anyway. Definitely not my head. Man-sluts are not my thing.

My eyes meet with his as he lifts them from blatantly staring at my arse. The look in them hits me straight in the gut, surprising the hell out of me. His eyes are profoundly blue and filled with heat. My skin starts to prickle as his intense stare burns me up.

I’ve never had such an instant visual reaction to a man before.


Take it easy, Andi. This isn’t a problem. You’ve met good-looking men before. You can turn this off. Drivers are a no-go area, especially ones you work for.

My job is too important to lose over a man.

Straightening, I turn to face him.

“Hello,” I say in my most confident and formal voice.

I get nothing back, and that’s because he hasn’t heard me. He’s too busy staring at my breasts.

Typical man.

I have the sudden urge to punch him in his handsome face.

But I won’t because I’m a professional. I’ll handle this in the best way I know when it comes to dealing with pervy dickheads like him.

“It’s your birthday?” I say sweetly, my smile a little on the flirtatious side.

He grins. “It sure is, and it’s definitely looking up now that you’re here. Are you going to make it extra special for me, sugar?”

He thinks he’s about to get lucky.

Far from it. Smarmy twat.

I tilt my head to the side, keeping the flirty smile on my face, as I walk up to him until there’s very little space between us. I press my fingers to his chest. God, that’s firm. I can feel the ridge of his muscles underneath my fingertips.

He’s tall, too, a good few inches higher than my five-nine. I’d say he’s six-one, which is tall for a driver, but he’s lean. He needs to be to fit into those cars. I bet, under those clothes of his, there’s nothing but toned muscle. Drivers have to be seriously fit, and Carrick Ryan certainly ticks that box on both counts.

Now, I’m imagining him naked. Great. Just fucking great.

I force my focus back to the now. “Well…” I lean in closer to him, hearing him suck in a sharp breath. I lower my voice as I whisper, “If you ever call me sugar again, you won’t see your next birthday. That’s for sure.”

He tilts his head back in amusement. “Feisty. I like it.”

I take a step back, dropping my hand from his chest. “There’s nothing here for you to like.”

His eyes run the length of me, lingering on my legs, the lusty look firing in them again. “I see plenty to like. Jesus…your legs go on forever.”

I wish I had something to hide my legs behind. Instead, I fold my arms to bring his focus up. “I’m not your type.”

Lifting his eyes back to mine, he gives me a confident smile. “Amazing arse. Great stems. Awesome rack. Beautiful face. Yep”—he nods—“you’re definitely my type.”

“I would have thought stupid, gullible, and willing—of which, I’m none—would be more your style.”

He lets out a laugh, which shivers through me, leaving my skin covered in goose bumps. “We’ll see—on the willing part, that is.”

On a sigh, I turn and pick up my jacket off the car before pulling it on.

“You’re leaving?”

“Looks like it.”

“Give me your number.”


“At least tell me your name?”

Pausing, I glance back at him. “Andressa.”


I smile at his persistence.

Just at that, Ben comes back into the garage. “Ah, cool. You’ve met Andi,” he says to Carrick as he passes by.

Carrick’s gaze hits me full-on. Confusion flickers over his face. “Andi?”


“But isn’t Andi my—”

“New mechanic? Yeah, that’s me.”

“You’re Andi…my new mechanic?” His eyes are wide with surprise.

I have to suppress the smile I feel. Tilting my head to the side, I put my hands on my hips. “I am.”

“Well, fuck me. I was expecting someone—”

“With a penis and a deep voice? Sorry to disappoint.”

His face blanks, and then deep laughter bursts from him.

At that moment, I realize that I just said penis to Carrick Ryan.

I said penis.


Kill me. Kill me now.

He’s staring at me with a sexy smirk on his face and deep curiosity in his eyes. He’s looking at me like I’m his next meal.

He takes a step closer to me. His voice lowers as he says, “I’m far from disappointed. You’re beautiful, smart, feisty, and good with your hands. All my favorite things wrapped up in one hot package.” His eyes draw the length of me.

I hear a throat clear and turn to see Uncle John standing behind me with a pissed off look on his face.

“Carrick, your dad wants to see you in his office.”

He frowns at Uncle John. “Why?”

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