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The Billionaire's Salvation ~ Max(15)
Author: J.S. Scott

“You will be,” he replied, his voice so husky and determined that it shot straight to Mia’s gut, vibrating down to settle between her quivering thighs. “Don’t move,” he demanded as he released her wrists and jerked his sodden t-shirt over his head, revealing an incredible body that hadn’t changed much in the last few years. Max Hamilton had a hot body that was often hidden under a suit and tie, every bit of muscle well-defined and sleek from his daily workouts, making her want to lick every inch of his muscular chest and defined abs. And then she wanted to follow that little happy trail of hair from his belly button that tantalizingly disappeared into the waistband of his jeans.

She wasn’t a screamer; she’d worried that Max might be repulsed by her base reaction to his lovemaking. She’d always tried hard to be the elegant woman she thought Max wanted as a partner, a woman he would be proud to be married to. Slowly, she’d changed herself to be the woman she’d thought he wanted and needed, trying to give up her often times impulsive behavior to make him happier. She hadn’t quite gotten there yet, but she had been working at it. At least…she had…before she’d disappeared.

“Y-you actually want me to scream,” she stuttered, suddenly confused by this Max she didn’t know, but totally intrigued her.

Grabbing the cups of the top of her bathing suit, he broke the string between them easily, baring her br**sts to the balmy night air. Her ni**les were hard and sensitive, aching for his touch, and she moaned as he cupped her br**sts in his hands, circling her ni**les with his thumbs.

“Oh hell, yeah. Scream, moan, beg, come for me,” he demanded harshly, his face intense as he watched his hands run over her br**sts, over and over again. “I want to hear you.”

“We’re outside,” she told him, panting with each stroke to her hardened ni**les.

“You want me to stop?” he asked gently as he moved back, straddling her thighs, and lowering his head to her breast.

One touch of his lips, one stroke of his tongue, and she was completely lost. “No. Please.” Her arms moved involuntarily, her hands fisting in his hair. “I need you, Max. Now.”

“You’re so beautiful,” he groaned against her breast as he nipped and sucked on one nipple and teased the other with his fingers. “You belong to me, Mia. You always have,” he told her roughly as his mouth moved from her breast to her abdomen, licking a trail of fire down her belly.

Ready to cry with frustration, she sighed when he broke the ties that held the back and front of her bikini bottom together, parted her legs and slid between them, his tongue still placing decadent licks on her lower abdomen.

One swipe of his powerful arm yanked the bottom of the bikini away from her, throwing it away to land somewhere on the beach, the strings broken. Mia held her breath as his fingers skimmed over the neatly trimmed hair on her pu**y, so different from before, when she’d gone for Brazilian waxing, a procedure that she’d always found to be akin to female torture. Obviously, whatever she had done, she hadn’t kept up the habit, instead settling for trimming and shaving.

“This is mine. So feminine. So sweet. So delicious,” he rumbled, his mouth already nuzzling against her folds.

Her breath left her lungs in a long moan, the feel of his lips on her trembling flesh and his searing tongue parting her folds completely destroying her. She was beyond caring about anything but that talented tongue, and she needed it on her throbbing clit more than she needed her next breath. “Oh God, please Max. Please.”

He opened her legs wider, spreading her out like a feast. And he gorged, leaving liquid fire wherever his tongue touched, making her entire body quiver as he devoured her. There was none of his gentle, slowly inflaming technique involved. His hunger was insatiable and he tasted her like a starving man who couldn’t stop himself from jumping on his food once he’d found it.

He laid siege to her clit, diving through her drenched folds to run his tongue around and over the enflamed bud, groaning as he slipped two fingers into her clenching channel. Her internal muscles pulled tightly around them, trying to hold them there and her hips lifted to take in more. More. She needed more. “Max. Please.”

She was needy and desperate, so ready for Max to take her. “Fuck me, Max. Please.”

She couldn’t take another moment of his teasing tongue and marauding fingers that were now curling and stroking her sweet spot as he teased her mercilessly. It wasn’t like he’d never went down on her before…but dear God…not like this, not like a man with a mission: bold, determined, and completely wild. It was usually foreplay, a tool he used to get her aroused and ready. But not this time.

Mia felt just like the waves crashing to the shore in the distance—turbulent and completely unable to slow the rising swell inside her. She whimpered as Max started to f**k her with his fingers, his strokes deep and hard, and he centered his total attention on the throbbing bud pleading for his attention. She drowned in sensation, rocking with the spasms that seized her body as she rode the most powerful climax she’d ever had. “Max. Oh, yes. Max.” She ended up moaning and shouting, unable to help screaming his name as he eked every ounce of pleasure that he could wring from her body by slowly, sensually licking the cream from her orgasm.

Panting, not giving her a chance to recover, Max stood and stripped his sandy, soaked jeans from his body, taking his boxer briefs down with them. Picking up one of the condoms, he tore it open with his teeth and sheathed himself. After he finished, he was on her in a heartbeat, thrusting his powerful, naked body between her thighs. “I think you’re the sexiest woman on earth,” Max said, his voice rough and graveled. “Hearing you moan, scream my name, making you come. Fuck. There’s no better feeling in the world. Except maybe having my c**k inside you.”

Barely over the effects of her climax, Mia needed this man all over again. The yearning was cell-deep and necessary, a desire that transcended mere lust. She needed to be taken by him, consumed by him, joined with him. Max was the other half of her soul, and she wanted him now. “Fuck me, Max. Please.”

“Tell me you need me, Mia. ’Cause I know I f**king need you. I have to know you want me as much as I burn for you right now,” he said, his voice tortured, before his mouth took hers, leaving her unable to speak the words that she needed to say.

Mia gave as good as she got, her tongue tangling with his as he kissed her senseless. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she could feel his powerful body shudder as he entered and retreated with his tongue again and again, as though he needed to master her, conquer her, make her his with his body. Her legs went around his waist, her heels resting against his rock hard ass, urging him to join them.

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