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Try Me (One Night with Sole Regret #1)(13)
Author: Olivia Cunning

“That’s sexy,” he whispered. “I want to look at your body, but denying myself makes me want you more.”

She tugged her panties past her knees and wriggled to open her thighs, to bathe her heated flesh in the cool room air.

He inhaled deeply and then grabbed his thick c**k in one hand. “Fuck,” he said breathlessly, “your scent is driving me insane.” He stroked his length slowly from base to tip. “Tell me what you like, baby. I want to please you.”

Melanie closed her eyes. It made it easier to talk to him. “I liked it when you were gentle with one breast and rough with the other. It made me hot. Can you do it both ways at the same time?”

She cracked an eyelid open to see if he’d been paying attention. His gorgeous smile made an appearance.

“What else makes you hot?”

You asking what makes me hot makes me hot.

She slowly slipped her panties off one foot and spread her legs wide. Trembling with a mixture of nervousness and excitement, she held herself open with one hand and traced the inner folds of her pu**y with two fingers of her other hand. He watched her motion with his bottom lip trapped between his teeth, his breathing harsh and raged.

“I like a man to stroke my lips until I’m dripping wet and I feel I’m going to die if he doesn’t f**k me soon. Even if I’m begging for him, he just keeps teasing and teasing until I don’t think he’ll ever give me what I want. Then he slips a finger inside me.” She traced her opening with her fingertip. Dipped the tip of her finger inside. Her pu**y clenched, trying to draw it deeper within. “He keeps it buried deep while he strokes my clit.” She slowly drew her finger to her clit and then rubbed it in circles. Pulsations of pleasure radiated from her core, begging for a more rigorous touch. Faster strokes. She denied herself the relief of a quick orgasm, keeping her motions deliberately slow and gentle. The mesmerized way Gabe watched her motions, while matching her pace as he stroked his length, spiked her lust into the stratosphere. She’d never been more turned on in her life and he’d scarcely touched her.

She didn’t know what excited her more: her fingers on herself or Gabe watching her as if hypnotized. But she was lying about what a man did to make her hot. That’s how she got herself off; she’d never had a man figure it out. But telling him. Showing him. There was no way he could get it wrong.

“Then,” she said, her voice low and husky, “when I start coming and my pu**y is clenching, he pounds two fingers into me over and over again, as hard as he can. Driving me higher and higher.”

“I can smell how turned on you are, baby,” Gabe said. “I want to taste you. What do you want me to do with my tongue?”

She never expected to like this openness in the bedroom. She’d imagined it would be embarrassing. It wasn’t as hard to tell him what she enjoyed as she thought it would be. And showing him? It just made her even hotter.

“I want your tongue firm and writhing against my clit until my juices are dripping down my ass, and then I want you to lap up the hot mess you created.” She captured her juices on the tips of her fingers and brought them to her mouth. “I want to taste myself on your lips when you kiss me afterwards.” She licked the cum off her fingers. “Mmm. Dirty.”

He dove onto the bed with her, catching her thighs on his shoulders as he buried his face between her legs. His tongue brushed against her clit, and she cried out. Talking was sexy, but doing it was so much better. He rubbed his tongue against her clit and shifted so he could trace her inner folds with two fingers the way she’d showed him.

“Oh yes, Gabe.” she gasped. He pleasured her so much better than she pleasured herself. His lips latched onto her clit and he sucked. “I love that,” she said. “No one’s ever done that . . . Oh God! Wait. I think . . . ”

He released her clit, leaving her orgasm just out of reach. “Don’t come yet,” he said. “You just told me you like to be teased.”

“Maybe I’m multi-orgasmic.”

“Are you?” His tongue brushed her clit, and he continued to trace her aching opening with two fingers.

“I don’t know. No guy has ever made me come before.”

His eyes widened. “Never?”

“Not unless I help him out by touching myself.”

“You’re kidding.”

She shook her head. “I wish I were. I usually just fake it.” Why had she told him that? Her face heated with embarrassment.

“Don’t fake it with me, Mel. If what I’m doing isn’t working for you, tell me.”

“It’s working for me. That sucking thing really worked for me.” She hoped he took her hint without making her beg him to suck her clit again.

“Do you like a finger in your ass when you come?” he asked before his tongue flicked her clit again. Her entire body jerked in response.

“I don’t think so.”

“Have you ever tried it?”

“Well, no, but . . . ”

“I’ll do it. You tell me if you like it or not.”

Her already thundering heart raced out of control. What in the world was she agreeing to? “Okay.”

He fell silent as he concentrated on pleasing the flesh between her legs with his lips. His tongue. His hands. The suckling sounds were almost as erotic as the feel of his mouth on her. He traced her slippery lips with his fingertips, teasing her until she bucked against his hand.

“Fuck me, Gabe. Please. Just . . . Just put it in and pound me. Pound me hard. I want you so bad.”

His finger slid deep, and she took a strangled breath. She rocked against his hand, wanting him to thrust his fingers in and out of her though she knew damned well she’d just told him she’d like him to hold his hand still at this point. He sucked her clit into his mouth and rubbed it vigorously with the flat of his tongue. Ah. Wow. Yes. Like that. Oh. Fuck. Gabe!

Her womb clenched. Spasms of release coursed through her pelvis and spread through her body. Mouth open in ecstasy, Melanie forgot how to breathe. Gabe slid a second finger into her clenching pu**y and the tip of a third finger into her ass. He pressed all three digits deep and then pulled them free and pounded them into her again and again and again as she came. And came. She was still shuddering with aftershocks of pleasure when he pulled his hand free and used his tongue to clean the come from her quivering pu**y. Cleaning up the hot mess he’d made. She sucked a deep breath into her lungs.

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