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Take Me to Paradise (Sinners on Tour #6.1)(4)
Author: Olivia Cunning

He still wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that. He wasn’t hanging on to Trey, was he? No, that was ridiculous. There was nothing to hang on to besides fifteen years of close friendship. It wasn’t like they’d been romantically involved or anything. Sometimes the way his woman’s mind worked completely baffled him.

“You should call Sed when we get to Aruba,” Myrna said, drawing Brian out of his turbulent thoughts. “Let him know where we are. You know Trey will forget to tell him.”

“Why Sed?” Brian asked. “Why not Eric or Jace?”

“Because Sed’s in charge, isn’t he?”

“No, he just thinks he is.”

“And everyone else thinks he is too.”

“I don’t,” Brian said.

“That’s because you, my love, are in denial.”

He laughed. The woman never withheld her opinion on anything, which was one of the trillion qualities he loved about her. “Fine,” he said. “I’ll call Sed. And Trey. I don’t want him showing up at our door in the morning with suitcase in hand only to find we’ve already left without him.”

“He wouldn’t really come with us, would he?”

Brian chuckled. “He loves the beach as much as I do.”

“Really?” Myrna said. “I figured he’d be more of a poolside lover.”

“I’m sure he’s done plenty of lovin’ poolside,” Brian said with a wide grin. “And beachside.”

Myrna worried her fingers, watching the motion of her hands instead of looking at him. “Has he ever had a serious relationship?”

Brian gnawed on his lower lip, thinking about the long string of women—and men—in Trey’s past. “Do you consider a weekend orgy a serious relationship?”

“No.” Myrna laughed. “Even though we started out that way.”

And what a weekend that had been. “Then, no, he’s never been in a serious relationship. I’m not sure he’s the type.”

“He’s the type,” Myrna said. “He has so much love to give. I think he’s just hung up on someone.”

“Who could he possibly be hung up on?” Brian couldn’t think of a single conquest of Trey’s that his friend would give a second thought to.

Myrna touched his cheek with gentle fingertips. “You are so clueless sometimes.”

“Apparently I am,” Brian said. “Trey never gets emotionally entangled with the people he puts his dick in.”

“Maybe he never put his dick in this particular emotional entanglement.”

Brian continued puzzling over Trey’s lovers. “There is that Mark guy we met in Portland. But I’d say he’s hung up on Trey, not the other way around.”

“Hopefully you’ll figure it out one day,” Myrna said. “So . . . What are we going to do in Aruba?”

He was glad she changed the subject, because her weird little hints about something he couldn’t decipher were confusing him. “Besides have lots of sex?”

She laughed. “We might have a couple of free hours on Thursday.”

“Lounging on the beach sounds like a good plan to me.”

“Where’s your sense of adventure?”

“I left it in my other pants.”

She produced a beguiling pout. “Darn.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I’ll think of something. Do you promise to agree to my crazy whims no matter where they steer us?”

His stomach tightened with a case of nerves as he envisioned cliff diving into shallow water and shark wrestling, but he highly doubted she’d put them in danger. “Your crazy whims haven’t steered me wrong yet.”

“So I’ll pick an adventure and you’ll pick one, something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the opportunity or the guts to try.”

Brian nonchalantly peered around the seat in front of him and eyed the bathroom door speculatively. There was this one thing he’d always wanted to do, and they needn’t leave the airplane to do it. “Deal,” he said.

She leaned close to his ear. “I already know what I want to do,” she said, her voice low and husky with desire.

His cock pulsed with interest. “What’s that?”

“Join the mile-high club.”

He laughed and squeezed her knee until she jumped. “Well, you’re going to have to think of something a little more creative than that,” he said, “because that’s what I was going to suggest.”

“Great minds think alike,” she said before sliding a warm hand between his legs. She wasn’t touching his rapidly engorging cock, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t picturing her releasing him from his pants so she could lean over his seat and take him into her talented mouth.

By the time the plane took to the sky, Brian was fixating on the bathroom door like an overzealous drunk at the back of a mile-long line for the toilet.

Chapter Three

Myrna sighed and squirmed in her claustrophobic seat. The inflight movie had started, and Brian still hadn’t found their opening for a little rendezvous in the bathroom. It wasn’t because he wasn’t watching for that opening, but perhaps he could use a little encouragement.

Myrna signaled a passing flight attendant. “Excuse me,” she said. “I’m a little chilly. Do you have any blankets?”

“Um, sure,” she said. “Just a minute. I’ll get you one.” She turned toward the front of the plane.

“Two, please,” Myrna called after her.

“You should have worn a sweater,” Brian said, stroking her bare arm.

She’d dressed for their arrival in Aruba, not the cool autumn day she’d left behind in Kansas City.

“I’m not really chilly,” she said, “but I’m pretty sure your lap is.” She lifted appreciative brows at the bulge in his pants and then winked at him.

She loved that she could still make her husband’s jaw drop by being naughty.

“Do you want to trade seats with me?” she asked, nodding toward the more private window seat.

Brian unfastened his seat belt and scrambled to hover above of her lap as if his seat cushion had sprouted poisonous thorns.

She chuckled, released her seat belt, and lifted the armrest between them so she could slide to the aisle seat. Brian plopped down beside her. She noted that the bulge in his pants had already increased in size. She glanced around the cabin to determine the best way to angle her body to block the view of onlookers.

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